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TOKEN2049 Recap: Celebrating Record Turnout and International Collaboration

Klumi Ventures & Hacken partnership in UAE

What an amazing week it's been! In addition to the fantastic turnout at TOKEN2049 Dubai, Klumi's team had the privilege of attending more than 30 events throughout the #token2049 week, connecting with friends and colleagues from around the globe.

It's been fantastic to witness a surge of Australian founders and projects showing interest in the UAE Web3 framework and the local ecosystem. As the first Web3 venture capital firm , Klumi is thrilled to see growing international interest and participation in the vibrant crypto community of Dubai and UAE.

Despite unprecedented weather challenges, TOKEN2049 Dubai concluded with record attendance, showcasing the resilience and determination of the crypto community. Over 10,000 attendees from 160 countries braved the elements to participate in the sold-out conference.

Klumi's team is proud to have had overwhelming attendance to the region by our partners and clients from Australia, the US, and Asia. This demonstrates the growing interest and investment in the crypto space, especially in regions like Dubai, known for its crypto-friendly policies and innovative infrastructure.

TOKEN2049 Dubai featured an impressive lineup of over 200 industry leaders, including Pavel Durov of Telegram, Richard Teng of Binance, Paolo Ardoino of Tether, and Arthur Hayes of BitMEX. The event was marked by significant announcements, highlighting the continued evolution and innovation within the crypto industry.

As the first fully regulated Web3 VC firm in Abu Dhabi, Klumi Ventures is committed to driving Web3 innovation and empowerment in the Middle East and beyond. Events like TOKEN2049 provide invaluable opportunities for networking, collaboration, and staying at the forefront of industry trends.

Here's to continued collaboration, innovation, and growth in the Web3 realm!


About Klumi Ventures

Klumi Ventures is the pioneering venture capital firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, spearheading Web3 innovation and empowerment in the Middle East. Klumi Ventures holds the distinction of being the region's first Web3 Venture Capital Firm and Fund Manager. We provide comprehensive support to early-stage startups, offering a unique array of strategic advisory, incubation, technical support, legal and compliance expertise, and fund management services. We focus on disruptive technologies harnessing blockchain to deliver decentralized, transparent, and secure solutions, driving forward the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem.

For more details on Klumi Ventures, please visit or follow on Twitter and Linkedin.

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