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Klumi Ventures granted In-Principle-Approval to invest in tokens with first of its kind license in Abu Dhabi Global Market, UAE

Updated: 4 days ago

Klumi Ventures & Hacken partnership in UAE

Klumi Ventures has received In-Principle-Approval to invest in tokens with a first-of-its-kind license in ADGM. Subject to final regulatory approval for the grant of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA), Klumi Ventures is poised to bring niche capabilities to manage both token and equity investments in early-stage crypto startups under the FSRA's Venture Capital Fund Manager (VCFM) framework.

This milestone event marks a significant leap forward in the region's digital asset ecosystem, signaling a new era of innovation and investment opportunities. Klumi Ventures stands at the forefront, leading the charge in fostering growth and empowerment in the Web3 sector.

"Klumi Ventures is honored to shape the UAE's digital asset landscape as the first Web3 venture capital firm regulated by the FSRA upon the approval. We are proud to be spearheading this transformative journey, shaping the future of Web3 investment and entrepreneurship in the Middle East and beyond. With ADGM's support and the dynamic ecosystem in Abu Dhabi, we are dedicated to unlocking new avenues of growth and opportunity for Web3 startups," commented Kristiina Lumeste, Senior Executive Officer of Klumi Ventures.


About Klumi Ventures

Klumi Ventures is the pioneering venture capital firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, spearheading Web3 innovation and empowerment in the Middle East. Klumi Ventures holds the distinction of being the region's first Web3 Venture Capital Firm and Fund Manager. We provide comprehensive support to early-stage startups, offering a unique array of strategic advisory, incubation, technical support, legal and compliance expertise, and fund management services. We focus on disruptive technologies harnessing blockchain to deliver decentralized, transparent, and secure solutions, driving forward the evolution of the Web3 ecosystem.

For more details on Klumi Ventures, please visit or follow on Twitter and Linkedin.

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