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Where Web3 Dreams Take Off

Early-stage Web3 venture capital firm that advises, invests & builds with top Web3 founders.


We believe in the power of disruption and forward-thinking.

Klumi Ventures is the first venture capital firm based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, dedicated to driving Web3 innovation and empowerment in the Middle East. As the sole web3 VC and Fund Manager regulated by ADGM, Klumi Ventures stands at the forefront of the region's burgeoning blockchain ecosystem, offering comprehensive support to early-stage startups.



Our unique blend of strategic advisory, incubation, technical support, legal and compliance expertise, and fund management services positions us as the preferred partner for founders and investors seeking to navigate and capitalize on the dynamic Web3 landscape.


Shape a better future through blockchain technology.



Navigating the intricate landscape of Web3 requires more than just capital; it demands strategic guidance. We offer personalized advisory services, drawing on the wealth of experience within our team. Whether it's shaping business strategies, optimizing operations, or addressing regulatory considerations, our advisory services are geared towards helping startups make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth.



​Klumi offers a comprehensive suite of resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities. We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to accelerate the development of your project, ensuring it reaches key milestones faster. As part of our accelerator, you gain access to a vibrant community of like-minded innovators, fostering an environment where collaboration and shared success thrive.



Our team is committed to aiding startups in overcoming intricate technical obstacles, guaranteeing that their products and platforms are not just state-of-the-art but also resilient and scalable. Whether it's blockchain development or smart contract auditing, our tech support services are designed to empower startups to innovate with assurance.

Tech Support


Future where the full potential of Web3 is unlocked.

Our core philosophy revolves around supporting disruptive and forward-thinking Web3 startups that have the potential to shape a better future. We firmly believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential for propelling blockchain adoption and fostering innovation, which is why we are particularly committed to empowering female-founded and led startups.

Our ultimate vision is to contribute to a future where blockchain technology plays a pivotal role in creating a more equitable world. In collaboration with our partners and portfolio companies, we endeavor to unlock the full potential of Web3, catalyzing positive change and driving Web3 innovation on a global scale.

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Core Verticals


Infrastructure & AI


Gaming & Metaverse


Ownership & Scalability


DeFi & Open Finance


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